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Paul Jamiol's World: A Collection of Political Cartoons from the Pen of Paul Jamiol, 2008-2010


Paul Jamiol's World – A Collection of Political Cartoons from the Pen of Paul Jamiol (2008-2010) is not just a book of cartoons. It showcases snapshots of a time period, and the person taking those snapshots is cartoonist Paul Jamiol, using his pen and drawing board as the camera.

2008 through 2010 were years of upheaval and change. It was the end of the Bush era and the beginning of the Obama era. We, as a nation, all looked at what happened during those years with a very different perspective. This book of political cartoons is how Jamiol saw this period. These “snapshots” were selected from over 450 cartoons that Paul drew on issues throughout these years. Read more

About Paul Jamiol

Author/Cartoonist Paul Jamiol with Bandit
Author/Cartoonist Paul Jamiol with Bandit

Paul Jamiol has been cartooning for more than 40 years. He has been recognized for his work locally, nationally and internationally. His political cartoons have been featured in multiple newspapers and magazines, and on the Internet.

Paul entered the world of editorial cartooning by drawing for one local newspaper (The Watertown Sun in Watertown, MA). He ended up drawing for several regional newspapers every week, commenting on a different issue for each paper. Read more


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You had your chance at "romanticism" with Vietnam and you chose to turn your back on us! Read more

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